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Nephu Huzzband - ElementaryNephu Huzzband – Elementary

You have to give it to Nephu Huzzband they are a band who formed in 2008 and have come out of nowhere to create one of the best sounding punk albums that I have heard in a long time and the best thing about these guys are that they are influenced by so many different bands but you could not pin down one artist on them and say they sound fully like them as Nephu Huzzband are in a way pretty unique with the mixed sound they have developed.

‘Elementary’ is the band’s debut album, it is due for release on the 5th October through Deep Recording Co and I have to say that it is so much better than what I expected it to be, its raw, it’s exciting, its full of killer instrumental parts and really in your face punk as fuck vocals whilst at the same time it has been produced well but steps away from the squeaky clean production that many bands go over the top with these days.

The album starts with ‘The Finger That Points’, which opens with a short instrumental introduction where each instrument takes its time to come in bit by bit starting off with on and off guitar riffs with the drums coming in just after a minute and 40 seconds later you start to feel the song brewing over and then suddenly Tom Bentley’s fierce yet loveable vocals come in and take the song off into a direction of aggression.

The opening repetitive vocals of ‘Its Only Ordinary’ are legendary as Tom Bentley has a great way with words, his vocal style helps get things across in a way that most bands struggle to do, instrumentally the song is great with some cracking guitar riffs and powerful drumming which leaves you feeling that Rob Challinor gets through a fair few drum kits with his hectic drumming style.

‘Nurse! Nurse!’ is a fantastic track, it only runs for 1minute and 30seconds but so much is packed into the song in such a short time, it opens up with constant machine gun style drumming and seconds later Bentley’s ferocious vocals of “Nurse, nurse, come quick, nurse, nurse, come quick” come in whilst the machine gun style drumming and tight guitar riffs play side by side, the song features a lot of groove and is quite bouncy throughout and is just screaming out for you to listen to it.

The whole of the album features the same formula where it is instrumentally strong and technical sounding as well as being vocally in your face, every song is really listenable and the album in general is raw, fun, different and going to help take Nephu Huzzband to bigger places.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Nephu Huzzband - Band
Tom Bentley (Vocals, Guitar)
Adam Popple (Guitar)
Jamie Barrow (Bass)
Rob Challinor (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. The Finger That Points
2. It's Only Ordinary
3. Black & White
4. Almost Over
5. Nurse! Nurse!
6. Neptune & Triton
7. I Are Renaissance
8. ...And We Become Picasso Pieces
9. Papers
10. We Speak In Whispers
11. No, Not Ever
12. If You Thought That Broke Your Spirit Then You're Not Going To Like What comes Next...
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