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Primitai - The CraftPrimitai – The Craft

Primitai are an underground metal band from Sandhurst and they have just released their new single ‘The Craft’ and I have to say that the song is really strong sounding.

‘The Craft’ is a solid song that is vocally and instrumentally great, front man Guy has a great set of vocals that come across quite fast and melodic but within seconds he can also sound quite raw, in a way he vocally sounds similar to Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and I am sure that proves to be a big confident boost to him, instrumentally the song features solid constant drumming, killer guitar playing that really kicks arse especially during any of the many guitar solos featured on the single.

The music that Primitai play gives you the feeling that the guys have gone back in time as they play metal like all the big bands from the 1980’s, but the thing is they make it fun, exciting and also slightly new sounding and everything about this single shows that Primitai ooze with talent.


Review by Trigger
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Guy (Vocals)
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1. The Craft
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