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New Found Glory - Coming Home.New Found Glory - Coming Home

I have always been a fan of New Found Glory and whilst out shopping at the weekend I noticed they had a new album just come out and with not hearing a song from it or reading anything about it I decided to buy the new album. When I got back and first put the cd on the first thing I said was New Found Glory have changed they sound more mature and the poppy-punk sound has gone. After my first listen I was really unsure about this album, it wasn’t what I expected and sounded nothing like previous New Found Glory material. However, after a couple more listens I am truly loving this cd and think it’s the best work the band have ever done and definitely a cd that grows on you until your hooked.

What makes 'Coming Home' different than any of the bands previous albums is the fact the band have ditched the pop-punk sound they have been known for and loved for but now they have come up with a more mature punk-rock sound. Frontman, Jordan Pundik's vocals sound better than ever. He’s left the whiny sing a long vocals behind and now sounds much more mature and all fifteen tracks on this album are listenable without a dull moment.

The album is very well written musically and lyrically and people can relate to the lyrics as they’re all meaningful and Jordan’s vocals fit in perfectly with every song.

'Oxygen' opens up the album and is a love ballad in fact most of the album is about love. The song has a serious feel about it but also maintains some catchiness. First thing you notice is the song is musically different from anything the band have done before and secondly when Jordan’s vocals kick in you notice he’s actually singing with a more mature voice.

The second track on the album, 'Hold My Hand' is my favourite song on Coming Home. The song features a bouncy piano intro with handclaps throughout the song and lots of catchy "do-dos" from Jordan. It is the most catchy radio friendly song on the album with lyrics most people can relate to. The third track on the album is the bands lead single release titled 'It's Not My Fault'. The song is quite downbeat compared to the rest of the album but features a very catchy sing a long chorus. It is good song but is a bad choice for a lead single.

'Coming Home' is the albums title track and is a melodic song that features the biggest chorus on the album that you can’t help but sing a long to. The rest of the album is just as good with 'Make Your Move’, which is a slow love song. 'Too Good To Be' is another great song which has a good sing a long emotional chorus of "you have my heart in your hands you have my heart so don't, don't let it go check my pressure patch me right up, you're too good to be". 'When I Die' sounds different from anything else on the album and has a more sadder theme about a young lad who lost his father without warning and is overall a very mature sounding song.

I could go on listing more good songs on the album but im not going to as each and every song on the album is good in its own way. Overall the band have grown up and have come up with a stunning new album that has been produced really well, even though the band have changed slightly in sound I think the albums catchy enough for old fans to love and different enough to gain the band a whole load of new fans.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
New Found Glory - Band
Jordan Pundik (Vocals)
Chad Gilbert (Lead Guitar)
Steve Klein (Rhythm Guitar)
Ian Grushka (Bass)
Cyrus Bolooki (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Oxygen
2. Hold My Hand
3. It's Not Your Fault
4. On My Mind
5. Coming Home
6. Make Your Move
7. Taken Back By You
8. Too Good To Be
9. Love And Pain
10. Familiar Landscapes
11. When I Die
12. Connected
13. Boulders
14. Make It Right
15. Golden
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