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The_Network - Bishop Kent ManningThe_Network - Bishop Kent Manning

The_Network are a 5 Piece metal band from New Hampshire, Bishop Kent Manning is there 2nd album.

Well if you want to call this music you can, but starting off with some feedback, is pretty old, the sound of the opening song can be described as noise, i cant really make out the shouted vocals, the music, i use that term loosely, just seems like the band is playing the shit out of there instruments, in some kind of structure that resembles a song, there's nothing catchy about it and the opener like the rest of the album is just down right depressing, im all for venting anger against the world, but please do it in a manner that's musically pleasing to the ears, im sure theres an audience out there for this genre of music, but i can firmly say that i am not the target audience.

Bishop Kent Manning will be released on the 15 of September on the Metal Blade Records label and will be available in most record stores and online.


Review by Robert Lawrence
 Band Members
The_Network - Band
Kevin (Guitar)
Mike (Vocals)
Bennett (bass)
Tim (Drums)
Pete (Guitar)
 Track Listing
1. From Holy Water To Holy Wars
2. Following And Failing
3. Your Own Personal Time Bomb
4. Service With A Smile
5. Telethons For The Rich
6. Paranoid Deserter
7. Easter Just Stopped Showing Up
8. Corpse Paint
9. You Fucking Fakes
10. Kent Manning
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