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Evita - Minutes And MilesEvita – Minutes And Miles

Evita are a five piece metalcore band who hail from Bristol and they have to be one of the best bands to come out of Bristol in some time and they have pretty much reinvented their sound with their debut album ‘Minutes And Miles’ which they have crammed as much as they can onto it from explosive angry vocals to your more melodic sing-a-long vocals to rip roaring metal guitar riffs which are going to get your heart beating at a good pace to blistering drum beats and interesting basslines, you name it and I am sure Evita have not only covered but mastered it on ‘Minutes And Miles’ the album has such a diverse sound that it’s going to help them clock up a good fan base.

The best way to describe Evita is the melodic and shouty moments of Killswitch Engage mixed with the rawness of Underoath and the instrumental talent of Protest The Hero, and the best thing is that they are English and are really going to help the British bands thrive against the overseas talent.

The album opens with ‘Cracks In The Wall’ which has an massive atmospheric introduction which builds up over time and as the song reaches the 2minute mark the guitars start to make a massive impact with their technical metal edge whilst front man Aaron Beider pretty much screams his lungs out with his soaring hardcore vocals, the song also features more melodic vocals from the guitarists Mike Thomson and Daniel Cranney and the overall assault of dual guitars and three vocalists really make an huge impact within the song, as they all come and go and different points.

‘Myself To You’ kick starts its self with a massive instrumental introduction, with its crunching guitar riffs and constant kick arse drum beats, the more melodic backing vocals come in first with Aaron taking over seconds later with his raw fast flowing vocals, the vocals change from melodic to hardcore far too often throughout the song but that’s what’s going to help make Evita appeal to a wide range of people.

There are many songs worth checking out on the album such as ‘Absent’ just to hear its brutal opening and then to see how the song morphs into a melodic masterpiece, ‘Willing To Wake’ is also well worth listening to just to hear Aarons freaky sounding vocals as he sings “Are you willing to wake up”, and the closing track ‘Even The Odd’s’ needs to be listened to just to see how the song goes on a slight random journey towards the end.

The whole of the album is fuelled with massive rip roaring guitar riffs which sound so strong with the inclusion of two guitarists, the drums are a bit hit and miss as they really struggle to stand out in some songs but in general there are some great beats to be heard and as mentioned above vocally Evita can’t be faulted they have a lead vocalist who screams his knackers off whilst they also have two backing vocalists who add melody to the mix with their sing-along vocal style.

Its weird how opinions change, I reviewed the bands early EP 'Like An Ocean We Rise Again' a few years back and really hated the EP and even stated that I would never listen to the band again and here I am now telling you how wonderfull their debut EP is, no the band havent paid me to say these kind words, they have just developed their sound for the better.

For an debut album ‘Minutes And Miles’ is great, it’s not going to set any new standards for the metalcore scene or even set the scene alight but it is going to help put Evita on the map and I already can’t wait to see how the band progress once album number two is released sometime in the future.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Evita - Band
Aaron Bieder (Vocals)
Paul Perkins
(Bass, Vocals)
Michael Thomson
(Guitar, Vocals)
Daniel Cranney
Johno Fisher (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Cracks In The Wall
2. Thrown To The Wolves
3. Myself To You
4. Absent
5. Willing To Wake
6. Vona
7. When Losing Everything Meaning Nothing
8. Elusive Victories, Passive Trickeries
9. Beneath My Feet
10. Even The Odds
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