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Wall Street Riots - One More RideWall Street Riots – One More Ride

London based four piece Wall Street Riots, released their debut EP ‘Playground Politics’ back in May and they are now releasing the first single to be taken from the EP, the single in question is ‘One More Ride’ and it is due for release on the 7th September.

‘One More Ride’ is the kind of song that enjoyment can be had from but it is not the kind of song that you are going to scream and shout about to your friends telling them they have to check it out and at the same time you are not going to find a new favourite band in Wall Street Riots but what you will find is a really bouncy radio friendly track, Charlie Cosser’s vocals will stand out to you like a sore thumb as he has a real distinctive vocal style that is delivered in such a upbeat and positive way, in a way you could say that Wall Street Riots sound like a poor man’s version of the poppier days of Lostprophets, which brings me to the b-side.

The b-side is a remix of the main track and it has been remixed by Ian Watkins from the Lostprophets under his L’Amour La Morgue side project and the song runs for twice the length of the main single and is quite a worthy remix that features lots of different disco beats and synthesised sounds but at the same time the track does seem to drag on a little bit.

As mentioned above you won’t find a new favourite band in Wall Street Riots, but you what you will find is a band that create radio friendly music and really enjoy what they do.


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1. One More Ride
2. One More Ride Remix
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