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Not Advised - Fight For ThisNot Advised – Fight For This

When I heard the debut single ‘You’re The Designers, We’re The Deciders’ by Not Advised well over a year ago, I was instantly impressed with the band and tipped them for big things, and since then the band have completed many headline tours across the UK as well as sharing the stage with bands such as You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout and many other heavy weight poppy-punk bands from the UK scene. Not Advised also managed to take some time out to write and record their new EP ‘Fight For This’ which is due for release on the 14th September.

‘Fight For This’ is an 5 track EP, and each song shines for its own individual reason, for example listen to ‘A Red Light Situation’ the song starts off sounding like a song from the classic Armor For Sleep album ‘What To Do When You Are Dead’, but then suddenly that comparison goes away as the song goes off on its own melodic route as the guys from Not Advised conquer the poppy punk sound in their own infectious way.

‘Right Now’ is a proper chant-a-long song that is bound to become a fan favourite at the bands gigs in the future as I can already imagine thousands of Not Advised fans singing along to the infectious chorus.

‘The Arc’ has a really strong Fall Out Vibe about it, the song wouldn’t look to far out of place on the bands ‘Infinity On High’ album and to me that is a good point as we the 5 songs on the EP Not Advised have shown that first of all they are not one hit wonders as they can write great songs time and time again, they have also shown that they can slightly change their overall music style to help make each song sound different and they are also clearly not shy on letting people know who they are influenced by.

‘Jane Says Left’ is another infectious chant-a-long song that is going to become a fan favourite with floods of fans singing “Woaaah, there’s something different in here, I can feel it”, this is how poppy-punk should be, really infectious and played with such passion.

‘The World’s Not Ready’ is also an infectious song but in a more chilled out way, as the song appears to be a lot more toned down from the other song’s on the EP but will batter your vocals chords just as much as the other songs on the EP especially as you sing along “I found a way, to keep you coming, to keep you coming”.

It’s safe to say that major success is just around the corner for Not Advised now, they have a fantastic infectious poppy-punk sound that it is so strong that they could easily challenge some of the biggest American poppy-punk bands, if Not Advised continue doing what they are doing then one day they will be right up there with bands such as New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy and to be honest they are pretty much there already sound wise.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Not Advised - Band
Greg Day (Bass, Vocals)
Jack Fairbrother (Guitar)
Ash Oliver (Guitar, Vocals)
James Thomas (Vocals)
Andy White (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. A Red Light Situation
2. Right Now
3. The A.R.K.
4. Jane Says Left
5. The World's Not Ready
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