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Here Lies A Warning - Keep Your Head Under The WaterHere Lies A Warning - Keep Your Head Under The Water

Here Lies A Warning are a five piece progressive hardcore/metal band from Scotland, Keep your head under the water is there 1st EP release.

From the off, i can here influences of atreyu, sounding very familiar to there later stuff, the vocals are split between growls and melodic-ish singing. On the blast drumming the bass seems to be a bit too high in blasts as it fuzzs a bit, the guitar work, has some decent riffs and licks, which border on catchy, the vocals do seem to let this band down a bit, as there a bit pants to be fair. Ashore is a change of pace from the fist two tracks, with its melodic instrumental intro before bleeding into the following track, which is a different from the previous two tracks, being melodic in nature, decent singing is displayed here, and i do prefer it tot he growls, This also displays that the band have a different speed and the abilty to slow it down and create a balad of sorts, before bringing the growls back, which spoils the track to be honest, the growls could have been left out till the final track.

Abit of a mixed bag for an EP, different directions displayed, which could be a lack of direction or still experimenting with there sound.


Review by Robert Lawrence
 Band Members
Here Lies A Warning - Band
Leonardus Segerius (Vocals)
Anthony Coles (Guitar)
Kalin Smith (Guitar)
James Cunningham (Bass)
Brian Robertson (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Make This Night Our Own
2. Destroy Something Beautiful
3. Ashore
4. How Lonely The Prince Without His Kingdom
5. Submerge
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