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No Consequence - In The Shadow Of The GodsNo Consequence - In The Shadow Of The Gods

No consequence are a 6 piece metal band from the UK. In the Shadow of the Gods is there first release on the British independent 'Basick Records' label.

I like decent art work but these bleak looking metal albums that look like they came from lord of the rings, this shit has got to end, really. Well yet again im disappointed the opening notes seemed promising, only to be ruined by screamo and death growl vocals, but at least there understandable, the vocals are split by two vocalists, i prefere the screamo over the growls, as they seem abit like all that remains vocals,with some melodic singing which id like to have heard more of. The music is melodic and fairly decent and catchy at times, the guitars could have been a bit higher in the mix though, the solos are hit and miss, sometimes decent, sometimes just boring. The drumming and bass are decent but could have been louder, and the bass gets lost in the mix in places.
This album is a fairly competent release for a first effort, i hope they drop the growls in favour for more melodic singing.

In the Shadow of the Gods is released on August 11th 2009.


Review by Robert Lawrence
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 Track Listing
1. Ocular Gyro Crisis
2. The Arrival Of Predators
3. Forged
4. The Fallen
5. Age Of Fear
6. Synaesthesia
7. Ashes
8. Longitudes
9. Latitudes
10. Shallow Be Thy Name
11. Inevitable Silence
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