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The Young Playthings - Back To The FutureThe Young Playthings - Back To The Future

The Young Playthings are a 3 piece Alternative band, Back To The Future is there latest Ep release on the smalltown america lable

Album kicks in to life superbly. After listening to all the tracks Bateman was an perfect choice in opening track. Though my favourite track in the Album and is head and shoulders above the rest is I Believe In Staying Around. OK, the singer has a little trouble hitting the high notes, but these guys are good, no these guys are really good. You can tell thought in writing the music is at the forefront. The lyrics can be a little head in hands at times. But that is forgiven due to the great guitar, great drumming, great bass playing, Great vocals and backing vocals. I recommend this band for bigger and better things. ITt is really pleasure listening to this band. Now go BUY this.

Back To The Future is out to buy now


Review by Robert Lawrence
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The Young Playthings - Band
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 Track Listing
1. Bateman
2. Y Don't U Like Me
3. Kiss Yr Voice
4. Valves And The Pumps, The
5. All About Urgyan Mueller
6. Tristan Da Cunha
7. Going Out Staying Out
8. I Believe In Staying Around
9. I Like Yr Name In My Blackberry
10. Some Badness Goes On
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