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Metro Station - Seventeen ForeverMetro Station – Seventeen Forever

Recently Metro Station have been getting a lot of attention, but sadly it has all been for the wrong reason, if people are not slating their music then they are having a dig at front man Trace Cyrus, if they are not having a dig at Trace Cyrus then they are having a go at the band in general for the fact that they are selling out and going on tour supporting Trace’s sister Miley Cyrus at massive venues across the world which is only going to bring the band a whole new range of 12 year old fans.

let’s get onto the band’s music, when they released ‘Shake It’ I instantly fell in love with the song, it’s hard not to especially when the song is a proper dance floor filler, seriously if you have hear ‘Shake It’ come on at a club the dance floor will be filled with in seconds as the song have such a happy upbeat feeling.

Hoping to follow on in the same success as ‘Shake It’ is the new metro Station song ‘Seventeen Forever’ it is due for release on the 20th July and in a way it’s trying to be the same as ‘Shake It’ with the way that the song is a keyboard driven poppy punk song, but this time around it really lacks the get up and go of ‘Shake It’, seriously that song had people proper moving and going for it in energetic ways, but ‘Seventeen Forever’ compared to ‘Shake It’ is pretty poor, it is slightly infectious but no way near in the same style as the previous single, and as for the lyrics they are really badly written and purposely written for the younger generation.

Metro Station don’t deserve all the abuse they have been getting recently but when they release a song as good as ‘Shake It’ and then follow it up with a song as poor as ‘Seventeen Forever’ it does make you wonder if Metro Station are one trick pony’s who are riding on the success of front man Trace Cyrus’s superstar family of Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus.


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