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Perry Lane Sect - Everyone Hates The Perry Lane SectPerry Lane Sect - Everyone Hates The Perry Lane Sect

Perry Lane Sect are a 4 piece rock band that consists of Alex Tower on Keys & Lead Vocals, Paul Frayne on Guitars, Mike Yetton on the Bass and John Salisbury on the Drums. Every one hates the perry lane sect is there debut album

The opener stats of with no singing as such more just random voices that get louder until the vocals kick in, they seem dry but good, its very guitar and drums driven like the rest of the album, the drumming is simple but does the job that's intended, the guitars are well played with a fair few effect pedals being used. The vocals sometimes get lost in the mix, the sound is a bit of garage punk band like, sometimes getting a bit progressive, then a bit classic rock, doesn't seem to want to get pigeon hold much, which is good, showing the band has some range or is still trying to find a direction, but whatever there doing its working.They to let the songs finish when there done, which has led to some lengthy tracks, the longest clocking in over 13 minutes, but when your enjoying what your hearing, you just want it to carry on. A decent debut to say the least.

Every one hates the perry lane sect is available to buy on the 27/07/09


Review by Robert Lawrence
 Band Members
Perry Lane Sect - Band
Stef Cole (Keys, Vocals, Harmonica)
Paul Frayne (Guitar)
Mike Yetton (Bass)
 Track Listing
1. Wake Up Call
2. Another Revolution
3. Fake Identity
4. Short Circuit
5. The Landing
6. Never On Your Own
7. To Be Known
8. Do The Right Thing
9. Where Is Malcolm Mooney?
10. Wants Me For The Money
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