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Manraze - SurrealManraze - Surreal

Man Raze are a 3-piece alternative rock band from London featuring Phil Collen, Simon Laffy and Paul Cook. Surreal is there debut album.

Two of those names will sound rather familiar to rock and punk fans around the world, this mini super group features Phil Collen ,vocals/guitar, who currently plays guitar in Def Leppard and Paul Cook, drums, who is a founding member and former drummer of the Sex Pistols. Surreal seems to quite laid back in its style, just taking its time a good example is Runnin me up which seems to go on and on but is only just over 4 minutes long in length. There's a slight rough edge to to Collens vocals. The album seems a bit middle of the road, never kicking into high gear, will mostly likely appeal to Def Lep fans but less so to punk fans, everthing on this album is well produced, it has a decent clean sound, but the music doesnt seem to quite get there and be as good as it could be.

Surreal is Man Razes debut album and is out now.


Review by Robert Lawrence
 Band Members
Manraze - Band
Phil Collen
Simon Laffy
Paul Cook
 Track Listing
1. This Is
2. Turn It Up
3. Runnin' Me Up
4. Every Second Of Every Day
5. Spinning Out
6. Can't Find My Own Way
7. Skin Crawl
8. Low
9. Connected To You
10. Halo
11. It's Entertainment
12. Shadow Man
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