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Filthydukes - MessagesFilthydukes – Messages

Electro-dance-rock seems to be the way forward these days, if you have electronic beats in your music then the scene kids are going to love you, if you don’t then you have a big battle on your hands to win the scene kids over, luckily for their music is drenched in electronic beats and they are getting praise from so many people and places.

‘Messages’ is the bands new single and it is due for release on the 13th July and it is one hell of a killer tune, the band claim that the song is their big pop moment and I have to agree with them there as it is a big poppy dance floor song, think along the lines of ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk and you will be close to knowing what ‘Messages’ is like, its massive and its going help bring The Filthydukes a whole load of new fans.

The single of ‘Messages’ also comes with 4 remix versions of the song, some of the remixes sound pretty similar to the original version of the only difference is the length of time that the song runs for and the additional dance beat, whilst other remix versions of the song such as the ‘Kris Menace Remix’ sound way different than the original version and sound more computerized over the top dance floor tune than it does pop anthem.

The Filthydukes are here to get you dancing and it’s guaranteed that all 5 versions of ‘Messages’ featured on the single will you moving like a maniac.


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Tim Lawton
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1. Messages
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