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Elliot Minor - SolarisElliot Minor – Solaris

When I first heard ‘Parallel Worlds’ by Elliot Minor I couldn’t quite believe my ears as the song was so damn good, in fact it kicked serious arse especially for a band that many people were claiming to be a posh version of Busted who could actually play their instruments, comments like these you just have to take with a pinch of salt and make up your own mind and that’s what I did and collected every single on the way whilst waiting for the band to release their very long awaited self titled debut album which was well worth the wait and rocked in so many ways.

During the earlier part of 2009 Elliot Minor pretty much disappeared from the music scene there was no tours or mention of what they were really doing but that’s because the band have been hard at work writing their second album which is due for release in October but if it’s anything like their debut album then the release date could keep changing, in the meantime the band are releasing ‘Solaris’ on July 6th which happens to be the first song to come off their as yet untitled second album.

‘Solaris’ has that signature Elliot Minor keyboard piece running throughout with Ali Paul taking full keyboard duties, the duel vocals from Alex Davies and Ed Minton work as well as ever and overall the song sounds massive with all the arrangements and pin point perfect production, the only downside is that I was expected them to come back with another fast paced rocky single especially after this long wait, but ‘Solaris’ is more like your token slow slushy Elliot Minor song in the same style as ‘Broken Minor’ and ‘Last Call To New York’ was on their previous album, this is no way a bad thing but just not what I hoped for.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Elliot Minor - Band
Alex Davies (vocals, guitar)
Ed Minton (vocals, guitar)
Dan Hetherton (drums, backing vocals)
Ali Paul (keyboard)
Ed Hetherton (bass)
 Track Listing
1. Solaris
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