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Placebo - Battle For The SunPlacebo – Battle For The Sun

The comeback Placebo single ‘For What It’s Worth’ blew me away when I reviewed it last month, it left me wondering what their forthcoming new album ‘Battle For The Sun’ would be like, well that album is now here and I have to say it is fantastic in fact it is the best Placebo album I have ever heard, granted I haven’t heard the last couple Placebo albums because I went off them back in the late 1990’s but I feel quite positive that ‘Battle For The Sun’ features the best Placebo material ever.

Placebo are a three piece band like Muse in the way that you either love them or you hate them, with Muse I used to love them but went off them when they released ‘Absolution’ back in 2003 and have never been able to get back into them through their new material, Placebo was exactly the same with the way I went off them all those years ago but ten years on they have released music that more than appeals to my ears.

‘Battle For The Sun’ is an album that features 13 shit hot tracks, seriously there is not a dull moment to be found on this new Placebo album in fact there are far too many highlights on the album for me to mention but I will try and mention some of the best moments and songs.

The album opening track ‘Kitty Litter’ starts off with that classic Placebo style guitar riff, Brian Molko’s unique vocals come in 30seconds later sounding just as good as I remember them all those years ago, the song has a catchy streak, not in the fast sing-a-long way, but Molko has a catchy set of vocals and the way he executes those vocals are also done very well and in a catchy way, the best moment of the song is the bridge where the band start clapping along as Molko sings “I need a change of skin, I need a change, I need a change, I need a change of skin”.

The opening moments of ‘Ashtray Heart’ are epic with the foreign sounding band backing vocals of “Cenicero, mi cenicero Mi corazón, mi cenicero” with Molko’s smooth sounding vocals coming in seconds later with “You are the birth and you are waste, You are the one who took my place, You took a jump into forever, A leap of faith I could not take”, the backing vocals come in again during the explosive chorus with Molko singing “My Ashtray Heart’ in-between the huge sounding backing vocals.

The album title track ‘Battle For The Sun’ is very tight sounding, the song is quite bouncy, quite repetitive and a song that builds up to be something that is quite simply amazing and one of the best tracks on the whole album. The bands current single ‘For What It’s Worth’ is another strong sounding track but wedged in-between so many other great tracks on the album it doesn’t sound as big and good as it did first time around. ‘Speak In Tongues’ is another one of my favourite tracks, the song is mellow all the way through but proper bulks up for the heavy sing-a-long chorus. ‘The Never-Ending Why’ features some of the best guitar riffs and instrumental work that I have ever heard from Placebo.

I could carry on talking about the rest of the tracks on the album but there really is no point as the album features top class songs from start to finish, the production is proper spot on and you will find yourself changing your mind on what is your favourite track after each and every listen, In fact it could take you months to finally settle on that favourite track.

‘Battle For The Sun’ really is that good, and could easily become my number one album of 2009; it was defiantly a big surprise to get in to placebo again after all this time, welcome back boys.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Brian Molko
Stefan Olsdal
Steve Forrest
 Track Listing
1. Kitty Litter
2. Ashtray Heart
3. Battle For The Sun
4. For What It's Worth
5. Devil In The Details
6. Bright Lights
7. Speak In Tongues
8. The Never-Ending Why
9. Julien
10. Happy You're Gone
11. Breathe Underwater
12. Come Undone
13. Kings Of Medicine
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