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Papa Roach - LifelinePapa Roach – Lifeline

In my opinion Papa Roach are one of the biggest, best and most hard working rock bands around today, the band have been together since 1993, it took them until 2000 to become big and have massive album sales across the world with their biggest selling album ‘Infest’ going triple platinum in the USA alone, after this moment Papa Roach went on a downward spiral as the nu-metal scene faded away but that didn’t stop them from releasing new music, and 9 years later and 4 albums on Papa Roach are stronger than they ever have been, their fan base is majorly on the rise, their live shows are as tight and explosive as they ever have been and their new music simply rocks.

If you have checked out the new Papa Roach album ‘Metamorphosis’ then you will know just how good Papa Roach sound these days, the first single released of the album was ‘Hollywood Whore’ the song was a massive rock and roll song that sounded nothing like the bands very early material but pleased their long term fans and helped bring them in a whole new fan base.

The band are now ready to release the second song from the album on the 22nd June and this time around they are releasing ‘Lifeline’, the song is going to be a major hit as it is already a big fan favourite, when I saw them play in Birmingham back in April the fans sang along word for word whilst moshing like mad, when they played it at Download Festival last weekend the response was amazing, the song starts off with a big wobbly sounding riff which helps the song progress into a massive rock and roll sing-a-long chorus, the song is very different from what Papa Roach have done before, it is more a foot stomping stadium rock track which will have people throwing their arms in the air whilst learning the lyrics in the matter of seconds.

Papa Roach deserve respect for carrying on whilst so many people went off them, they have shown the haters that they still know how to rock, in fact they have always known how to rock it’s just the big money making mainstream magazines thought their face didn’t fit for far too many years which meant it was harder for people to hear about them as they weren’t being shoved in their face every other week but they have now been welcomed back into the pages of these magazines, isn’t the music world a kind place with the way certain publications can make and break you.

I feel all bands should be inspired by Papa Roach as they have done it all through thick and thin and now look, feel, play and sound better than anyone could ever imagine.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Papa Roach - Band
Jacoby Shaddix (Vocals)
Jerry Horton (Guitar)
Tobin Esperance (Bass)
Tony Palermo (Drums)
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1. Lifeline
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