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We Are The End - ChemicalsWe Are The End – Chemicals

For a debut EP ‘Chemicals’ is a really good effort, the first thing that will draw you into the band is Ozzy Hamid’s unique sounding melodic vocals that flow really freely and fast, he has a way of singing that you can’t help but love, you will then find yourself checking out the bands powerfully guitar riffs especially during the more instrumental break down parts of their songs as that’s when Lee Taylor goes all out on guitar.

The EP starts with ‘My Last Regret’ the song is a very strong sounding opening track, it starts with a good 25second instrumental introduction where there is a mad flurry of chunky guitar riffs, blasting drum beats and big basslines, Ozzy’s vocals come in just after 25 seconds and that’s when the song goes on a melodic ride with Ozzy’s vocal harmonies driving the song throughout, as mentioned above the guitar work is fantastic and in places gets very hectic along with the at time’s machine gun style drumming.

‘Cut Me Up’ is another melodic sounding song, but this time around the song is crammed with various different electronic soundscapes, but once again it is Ozzy’s outstanding vocals that brings melody and style to the song, the song runs so smoothly and is so hard not to enjoy.

The EP title track ‘Chemicals’ starts off sounding a bit more aggressive than the other tracks on the EP with a couple of massive drums beats and a chunky guitar intro, but it doesn’t take long for the song to take the same melodic smooth flowing route as the other songs on the EP, but what does make this song that little bit different is that it features many instrumental break downs and also features a set of group vocals chanting “Go, Go”.

The EP finishes with ‘Count Backwards From Ten’, the song opens in an epic way with a spacey sounding electronic introduction, Ozzy’s vocals come in a good 50 seconds down the line and this time around they sound a lot more mellow running nicely alongside the spacey soundscapes, but as soon as Tom’s drum beats and Lee’s guitar riffs come in Ozzy’s vocals pick up but fail to reach the melodic peak on the rest of the tracks. ‘Count Backwards From Ten’ is defiantly the most experimental track on the EP, it works well but it is nowhere near one of the strongest tracks these guys have to offer here.

I really like the sound of We Are The End and it’s interesting to know that a few members of the old alt-rock band Hollywood Ending are part of We Are The End, We Are The End are defiantly a band worth watching as they have potential.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Ozzy (Vocals)
Rennie (Bass)
Tom.H. (Drums)
Taylor (Guitar, Vocals)
Tom.O. (Keys, Samples, Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. My Last Regret
2. Cut Me Up
3. Chemicals
4. Count Backwards From Ten
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