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Not only does Gary Go looks cool with his Joe 90 style glasses and spiked up messy hair he also sounds cool, I first got into Gary Go when I listened to his single ‘Open Arms’, it was the soothing guitar piece and powerful vocals that attracted me to him, the song featured such a strong chorus that just swept you away into a fantasy world.

Gary Go has now just released his debut self titled album and it features 11 tracks and the majority of the album is strong sounding with only a couple of low key tracks that act more like fillers than anything else. The single ‘Open Arms’ opens the album in that perfect upbeat stadium pop sing-a-long way, ‘So So’ follows on in such a great way, Gary’s vocals are slightly more mellow sounding here but each and every word that comes out of the man’s mouth is delivered with sheer passion, the man is also a genius on guitar with some great guitar lines being played throughout the song.

Many people compare Gary Go to a solo version of Coldplay because vocally he sounds as strong as Chris Martin and it’s so true, Gary Go has such a strong voice, do you remember his previous single ‘Wonderful’? if not it is here in all its glory and it still sounds as good now as it did all those months ago when it was first released, and this is the charm that Gary Go has, his song’s make a big impression and no matter how many times you listen to them you won’t get tired or bored of them and this is true elements of a top class singer songwriter.

Songs like ‘Refuse To Lose’ and ‘Speak’ are a couple of the strongest tracks on the album apart from the single’s of course, ‘Refuse To Lose’ see’s Gary Go take things to another level with his sound developing a rocky edge whilst ‘Speak’ is in the true Gary Go sing out loud style.

The debut album from Gary Go is nothing short of amazing, if you are yet to hear Gary Go, give ‘Open Arms’ a listen and I am sure within days you will be wanting to get your hands on his debut album, the man has already supported The Script and gone out on a co-headline tour with VV Brown and the biggest live shows of his life are just around the corner when he supports Take That at 19 massive shows at various different arenas and football stadiums across Britain.


Review by Trigger
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Gary Go
 Track Listing
1. Open Arms
2. So So
3. Engines
4. Wonderful
5. Life Gets In The Way
6. Brooklyn
7. Refuse To Lose
8. Honest
9. Heart And Soul
10. Speak
11. Black And White Days
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