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Professor Green - Hard Night OutProfessor Green – Hard Night Out

English based rap music seems to be on the up these days, you have people like Mike Skinner from The Streets, Trip and even the members from Goldie Lookin Chain who class themselves as some of the best rappers in the UK, and another English based rap artist I missed first time around is Professor Green but he is back now storming out of the streets of East London with his new single ‘Hard Night Out’.

I am quite surprised that I really like ‘Hard Night Out’, my love for rap music died out in the late 90’s and since then the only rap music I ever listen to is those old bands I used to love back in the day such as Cypress Hill, Onyx, Bone Thugs N Harmony etc. The thing I really like about ‘Hard Night Out’ is that Professor Green’s fast paced vocals really remind me of the vocals of B-Real from Cypress Hill, also the basslines are extremely bouncy and the various different drum beats and synths on offer helps the song rock out hard.

The B-side ‘Upper Clapton Dance’ features a bit of an epic introduction with a bit of classical music opening up the tract before Professor Green goes off on a journey rapping about his upbringing in Hackney, the song is really listenable and the addition of the classical music piece running throughout the song helps Professor Green stand out from the current crop of rappers in the world.

I know I shouldn’t but I really like Professor Green, in fact I like these two songs so much that I can’t wait to hear more from the Professor of rap.


Review by Trigger
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1. Hard Night Out
2. Upper Clapton Dance
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