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Pama International - HappenstancePama International – Happenstance

I have heard of Pama International since 2001 when they were signed to current band member Sean Flowerdew’s old record label Jamdown Records, which was the same time the 4FT Fingers were signed to the same label, but it took me until the end of April this year for me to finally give the band a listen and that was by chance as they were supporting The Levellers when I went and watched them at Cheltenham Town Hall, and I have to say that I was very impressed with Pama International, from their professional look, to their chilled out sound.

Pama International are currently working on a new album called ‘Pama Outernational’ which is due for release towards the end of the year, and to keep their fans happy whilst waiting for the new album they are releasing ‘Happenstance’ as a single on the 22nd June to coincide with their appearance at Glastonbury Festival and to also give people a taste of what to expect on their new album.

Now if you love Reggae or any of Pama Internationals previous material then you are going to love ‘Happenstance’ as the song features exactly what you would expect from both Pama International and a good reggae track, the drumming on the song is quite basic sounding but keeps a good constant rhythm, the brass instruments sound fresh and exciting whilst front man Finny’s vocals are really chilled sounding , with the name of the song being repeated time and time again within the lyrics, the song is a proper chill out song, it won’t get you moving fast but it will certainly get you moving your hips ever so slightly.

‘Happenstance’ is a good track, as I said above if you love Reggae in general then you will love the song, it’s the kind of song best listened to in a chill out lounge with your friends whilst smoking a cigar and drinking a nice glass of wine, but as the smoking ban has taken over that’s not going to happen now but you get the idea of the type of song ‘Happenstance’ really is.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Finny (Lead vocalist)
Sean Flowerdew (keyboards)
Lynval Golding (Guitars, Vocals)
Ernie McKone (Bass)
Fuzz Townshend (Drums)
Gary Alesbrook (Trumpet)
Andy kinsman (Saxophone)
Marcos Ferrari (Dub stylings from the mixing desk)
 Track Listing
1. Happenstance
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