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The Vibes - Whiskey, Sex And Rock 'N' RollThe vibes - Whiskey, Sex And Rock 'N' Roll

The Vibes are three rebels from Aarau, Switzerland, they ain't got no label but apparently they got big balls, The Vibes consist of MoJo - vox / the guitar / whiskey bottles, Matlock - vox / the bass / organ / bluesharp, Stuntman Jack - the longhorn drums. playing there brand of rock on there debut album Whiskey, Sex & Rock'N'Roll.

Title track Whiskey, Sex & Rock'N'Roll, pretty much sets the tone and style that your your going to get over the course of the album, its simple overdriven instruments, simple bluesy rock. its southern rock that sounds like its inspired from the 90s era. The sound while some what lively it fails to impress, the vocals are gritty, the guitars are over driven with the odd half decent solo thrown in and the drums are simple and solid, they mix well, but just don't really deliver that killer vocal lick or decent riff. For self proclaiming rebels there hardly grabbing you by the balls.

Sadly the songs all sound the same, same guitar and bass sound, and fairly uninspired drumming, even the vocals can be ignored rather easily, which is a strange thing to say really. Even though the songs are fairly short they seem to drag on a bit. Unfortunately there isn't too many good points other than that the members of the band are competent musicians, but sadly lack any original ideas.

If you like your southern uninspired rock then get, Whiskey, Sex & Rock'N'Roll by The Vibes. Out now.


Review by Rob Lawrence
 Band Members

Mojo (Vocals, Guitar)
Matlock (Vocals, Bass)
Stuntman Jack (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Whiskey, Sex & Rock'n'Roll
2. Smokin' Ace
3. On My Way
4. Ride Your Horse Down
5. Keep the Kettle Boiling
6. Devil's Nipples
7. Bed Rebel
8. Whiskey Flavoured Love
9. The Warlords of Tennessee
10. Whiskey'n'Bones
11. Fatten the Cattle
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