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None The Less - The Way To Save OurselvesNone The Less – The Way To Save Ourselves

None The Less have the sound of a band that is going to go farm, their new mini album ‘The Way To Save Ourselves’ is so damn good and don’t they just know it, they have a hard hitting metal sound that is very experimental with hard hitting technical guitar riffs and best of all melodic vocals which gives them that cross over feel that is going to see them appeal to a wide generation of music lovers, from metal heads, to emo boys, to hardcore lovers and even guitar nerds.

The bands mini album starts with ‘The Payout’ and what a way to start with dual crushing guitars, a thick bass line, constant banging drums, melodic vocals from front man Anthony Giannaccini, with more shouty vocals from Owen Harvey coming and going every so often, for a song that’s really big on the instrumental work it’s interesting to hear the big melodic sing-a-long chorus that stands out in such a positive way.

The opening guitar work on ‘Define’ is breathtaking and throughout the song the combined work of the guitars and drumming sounds like an army of machine guns firing away, the vocals are melodic throughout the majority of the song but the break down in the middle of the song features Owen Harvey shouting his lungs out.

All the tracks on the mini album are really listenable, ‘News Of Cancer’ is a proper rocking song with some proper angry vocals coming and going throughout the song. ‘Four 4’s’ is a bog rocking sing-along song where Anthony Giannaccini’s vocals shine the most, and the closing track ‘I Feel Like Your Enemy’ is a proper rock and roll anthem, with some of the best instrumental work these guys have ever played.

‘The Way To Save Ourselves’ is a really strong sounding EP, it isn’t the most original release I have ever heard as the instrumental work reminds me slightly of other UK bands in the same genre such as Lavondyss and Deaf Havana, but it is the main melodic vocals mixed with the every now and again raw sounding vocals that makes None The Less stand out from the crowd.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
None The Less
Ant Giannaccini (Vocals)
Owen Harvey (Guitar, Vocals)
Joe Page (Guitar)
Oli Stanton (Bass)
Mike Smith (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. The Payout
2. Define
3. News Of A Cancer
4. [...]
5. I Had The World Resting On Me
6. Four Fours
7. I Feel Like Your Enemy
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