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My Passion - Corporate Flesh PartyMy Passion - Day Of The Bees

I got into My Passion by chance during the end of 2008 when the bands old Pr company contacted me asking if I would like to review there at the time new single ‘Day Of The Bee’s’ I accepted the offer and didn’t really know what to expect but as soon as I listened to it I feel in love with the band, the song sounded like a mix of The Horrors randomness, Johnny Witney from The Blood Brothers style vocals and Mindless self Indulgence style synths and electronic beats.

Ever since reviewing ‘Day Of The Bee’s’ I have kept an eye on what My Passion have been doing and over the months they have had some really good times and also some really bad times, they toured all across Europe with Kill Hannah which was a big highlight for the band until one morning when they woke up with their tour bus on fire and having to evacuate pretty swiftly, the bus was ruined and so was all of the bands gear but luckily for them they came off on hurt and somehow managed to fulfil their commitments on that tour and finish the shows in England which included an explosive show at the Mean Fiddler in London.

Currently things could not be better for My Passion and from this bank holiday Monday 25th things are going to get that little bit better as the band’s debut album ‘Corporate Flesh Party’ is finally being released and at the same time they embark on a massive headline UK tour which takes them from now and right up until the 26th June, with some special festival appearances on the way such as playing the new Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage at the Download Festival on Saturday 13th June.

So the thousands of hardcore My Passion fans have been waiting a very long time for ‘Corporate Flesh Party’ is it any good? You bet it is. The album starts off in a powerful way with ‘Crazy and Me’ the song is one of my favourite tracks from the album and is such a perfect way to start things off, the electronics here are more toned down than they are on other songs on the album and this gives John Be and Laurence Rene change to shine with their chunky guitar riffs, the vocals during this song are a bit of mixture, chopping and changing throughout the song but it’s Laurence’s vocals during the chorus that really stand out and make an impression.

‘Play Dirty’ is nearly as good as the opening track and this time around the band have opted for more synths and electronics, My Passion have put so much into this song and moments like this make you realise that My Passion are one of the most important British bands around at the moment and it won’t be long before the whole world finds that out.

The bands other previous singles ‘Day Of The Bees’, ‘Hot In The Dolls House’ and ‘Thanks For Nothing’ also appear on the album, and whilst both the singles are really good they are far from being the best moments on the album as My Passion have taken their time and used their creative ways to create an album that features 11 huge tracks that everyone just needs to hear. If you get off on synths then the opening of ‘Never Everland’ was created just for you as the first 20 seconds is synth mad,

I challenge anyone to listen to ‘Corporate Flesh Party’ and find a dull moment because I seriously believe that My Passion have put everything into their debut album and created that perfect album that their fans have been dreaming of for many months, before the end of the year I can see My Passion becoming huge, gracing the covers of every mainstream music magazine and even being the opening act of the Kerrang Tour 2010, they are certainly talented and diverse enough for the tour.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
My Passion
Laurence Rene (Vocals, Synths)
Jonathan Sin (Drums, Vocals)
Simon Rolands (Bass, Synths)
John Be (Guitar)
 Track Listing
1. Crazy & Me
2. Play Dirty
3. Day Of The Bees
4. Never Everland
5. Winter For Lovers
6. Hot In The Dolls House
7. After Calais
8. Thanks For Nothing
9. The Fabulous Blood Disco
10. Plastic Flesh Garden
11. Vultures Are People Too
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