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The Passive Aggressives - Conflict ResolutionThe Passive Aggressives – Conflict Resolution

When I received this album I cracked up laughing as the album artwork is so funny, it features a water painted picture of some boxing type guy, let’s say Mohammed Ali for argument sake but instead of his face there is a pink rabbits face, if you then flip the case over and look at the back you see a picture of the band against the same background as this rabbit boxing thing was on the front cover and it all looks a little bit cheesy and tacky especially for artwork of an album of these times, if we were living in the 70’s then yeah it would be expected.

After seeing the artwork I’m sure you can tell that I wasn’t really looking forward to listening to the album, well I braced myself and put the album on and I have to say that I haven’t heard so much shit in my entire life, seriously I can’t work out if these people are serious or not.

The album starts with ‘All We’ve Got Is Now’ which starts off with twangy sounding bass and guitar lines and very off putting vocals from front lady Keran Gaiser, now throughout the majority of the song everything sounds very basic and like the kind of band you would hear playing live in your local 150 person maximum old person pub venue where you get the village idiot being the only person up busting their groove on the dance floor, suddenly right near the end of the track when you think things can’t get much worse and then another member of the band opens his mouth to punish my ears with the most irritating set of vocals I have ever heard, and this is the main moment where I question if this band are for real or not.

The thing with The Passive Aggressives, the majority of their music simply is shit, but then they knock out a few surprise good songs such as ‘Soundtrack To The Voices In My Head’ during this song Keran’s vocals actually really shine as she sings along in such a clean melodic way, the basslines are once again killer, serious Damian Lynch is a master of groovy basslines and is wasting away in this band, the only thing that lets this song down is that they go unpredictable and each band member come sin singing in a real depressing way.

Now if you like your music to be unpredictable, sound like it came out of the 70’s progressive rock era then you might want to give The Passive Aggressives a listen, I surly know it will be a listen that you won’t forget in a hurry but I can’t guarantee that it will be a listen that you enjoy.

Bands like The Passive Aggressives and releases like ‘Conflict Resolution’ is living proof that it’s easy to get a record deal these days and it’s even easier to get your music released so there is a lot of fishing around to be done to find the good bands, sadly for The Passive Aggressives they are far from being good.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Passive Agressives - Band
Keren Gaiser (Vocasl)
Christian Thompson (Guitar)
Andrew Smith (Guitar)
Damian Lynch (Bass)
Tim Dayner (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. All We've Got Is Now
2. Soundtrack To The Voices In My Head
3. Violeta
4. Conflict Resolution
5. Happy Together
6. World of Compromise
7. Slice It Away
8. Just Believe
9. Don't Want To Be You
10. One More Look
11. Lulla-Bye Nation
12. Perfect
13. Not Perfect
14. Evil Cloud Song
15. Let's Begin
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