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NOFX - CoasterNOFX – Coaster

So NOFX have recently celebrated their 25th Anniversary as a band and to coincide with they have just released their 11th full-length studio album ‘Coaster’, a title that NOFX chose as a little dig at the way the music industry is currently going with most people scrapping their CD collection for digital downloads instead and the only use for the CD being a coaster in many households, you have to respect NOFX for their humour and for them to make a good thing out of something bad.

Now ‘Coaster’ is not much different sounding than the last few albums that NOFX have been releasing, it features the same type of topics such as politics, drug abuse, religion, lesbians and pretty much whatever else Fat Mike wants to rant about and it is done in true NOFX poppy punk style.

The album starts with ‘We Called It America’, now it wouldn’t be a true NOFX record if it didn’t have a song about America that slag’s off the government and how things have changed in America over the years, so yeah ‘We Called It America’ is a big old political song, it’s the perfect opening track because it’s extremely catchy with Fat Mike’s fast flowing melodic vocals, the track also features a breathtaking guitar solo that has Guitar Hero written all over it.

‘The Quitter’ is yep you guessed it a song about drugs, and the song is humorous with the witty style of lyrics that NOFX have been writing for years, the pace of the song is extremely fast and proper up tempo, I can see ‘The Quitter’ becoming a live fan favourite at NOFX shows in the near future.

‘First Call’ is a bit of a departure from the fast paced style of the first two tracks on the album, but instead the song is really bouncy with a massive bouncy sounding bass line running throughout the whole song, once again lyrically the song is fun with Fat Mike singing about drinking from 6 in the morning and generally having a drunken time.

‘My Orphan Year’ starts off sounding a bit serious for NOFX, but after about 30seconds the guitars come in thick and fast with the drumming making an equally big sound, but overall the song appears to be more low tempo than the first couple of tracks on the album which is good to see that NOFX still like to mix things up with a wide variety of sounds and styles on their albums.

The funniest song on the album has to be ‘Creeping Out Sara’, the song is about lesbians and is such a bouncy track that Fat Mike covers vocally in such a fun and passionate way with his more spoken word than punk rock style vocals.

Another highlight from the album has to be ‘I Am An Alcoholic’ for a number of reasons, the first being that the band bring out the horn section with the saxophone opening up the track, secondly the track is extremely catchy and bouncy sounding, thirdly the vocals are extremely funny and last but not least the song features some amazing sing-a-long parts.

It’s good to see that this time around NOFX have created a short album, ok the album isn’t short as it runs for over 30minutes but what I mean is that it features 12 killer tracks, whilst their previous album ‘Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing’ featured 18 tracks and many of those were fillers but this time around they have created a big fun 12 track album.

‘Coaster’ is how punk rock should be and I think that any new band who wants to join the punk rock scene should look into the history of NOFX as they are a band who have had a really successful career and still have many more years ahead of themselves as one of the heavy weight punk rock bands in the world.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
NOFX - Band
Fat Mike (Vocals & Bass)
El Hefe (Guitar & Vocals
Eric Melvin (Guitar)"
Erik Sandin (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. We Called It America
2. The Quitter
3. First Call
4. My Orphan Year
5. Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
6. Creeping Out Sara
7. Eddie, Bruce and Paul
8. Best God In Show
9. Suits and Ladders
10. The Agony of Victory
11. I Am an Alcoholic
12. One Million Coasters
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