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Outraze - Under The InfluenceOutraze – Under The Influence

Outraze are a new five piece band from Banbury Oxfordshire, the band have been together since 2008 where the spent the majority of their time touring across the country with the majority of their shows being in Oxford to help build up a big local fan base which they seem to have done pretty well.

Now these guys have never released any music but this going to change now they are due to release their debut single ‘Under The Influence’ on the 1st June, the song was recorded by John Rivers who has worked with many bands such as Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller and even The Specials, so far Radio 1, Kerrang Radio and also XFM have picked up on the track with certain DJ’s playing the track regularly on their radio shows.

‘Under The Influence’ is a indie song but it’s quite different from the poppy songs that all the mainstream indie bands are releasing these, the route that Outraze have gone for is a long drawn instrumental introduction which features a pretty smooth guitar piece running for the best part of a minute before the vocals come in from front man Andy White, once the vocals come in the song really picks up in pace and builds up to become a really strong infectious sounding song with an extremely repetitive yet catchy chorus.

I really like ‘Under The Influence’ by Outraze and it will be interesting to see how their future songs pan out and then we will truly be able to see if these guys have what it takes to go far.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Outraze - Band
Andy White (Vocals)
Ben Adams (Guitar)
Simon Hirons (Guitar)
Rob Pattendon (Bass)
Elliot Talbot (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Under The Influence
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