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Witchmaster - TruciznaWitchmaster - Trucizna

Witchmaster are a polish thrash metal band that formed in 1996, that has gone through a few line ups with changes to the drummer an bass player through out the years, after 5 years of virtual silence they have have come up with Trücizna, which is polish for poison. and according to the band is 9 tracks of fucked up old school black thrashing rock and roll madness.

Starting off with just a high pitched screeching noise, at this point i was hoping it wasn't anything like it in the rest of the album but it does appear in other places, looking at the art work, which is mostly unreadable, i was expecting a death metal band, but its more thrash metal with death metal vocals, which is a bit of a let down really, as the music its self is well produced and stella, with top notch guitar work, altho the drumming is good, nothing that inventive, with blast beats every now and then, 'Total Annihilation' is a stand out track, being almost catchy with a good riff, it is also the longest track on the album, just clocking in just under 5 minutes and it should please most old school thrashers. Most of the tracks are fairly short being just over 3 minutes long and even a few of them come in under 3 as well. this is a fairly short album, at under 30 minutes. The album is good but its let down and wasted by poor vocals and some times boring drumming, the shredding on the guitar though is very good.The album finishes with a Sepultura cover 'Troops of Doom', which is a fairly competent cover. when listening back to a few of the tracks, i couldn't manage to get through them again, as i just found the drumming particularly annoying, with its bongo like sound.

Trücizna is out now on the Agonia Records label, in all good record stores an even some rubbish ones too.


Review by Rob Lawrence
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 Track Listing
1. Trucizna
2. Self-inflicted Divinity
3. Total Annihilation
4. Road To Treblinka
5. Two Point Suicide
6. Bred In Captivity
7. Black Scum
8. Troops Of Doom
9. Hidden Bonus Track
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