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Metric - Sick MuseMetric – Sick Muse

Fellow Alternative Vision reviewer Thom has been telling me for weeks now how good Metric are and it has taken me until now to actually check them out and I have to say I have to fully agree with everything that he has been saying, his 5 star review of the band’s new album ‘Fantasies’ is totally spot on as overall it is a really upbeat and catchy album with ten top tracks.

Metric are now releasing the second track from ‘Fantasies’ and they have chosen to release ‘Sick Muse’ which is a good choice but to be honest any of the ten tracks on the album could easily be released as singles as they are all songs of the highest quality.

‘Sick Muse’ is a top track from start to finish and by the time the song has finished you will have fallen in love with Emily Haines vocals as they are so beautiful and chirpy sounding and the lyrics are so happy as well with the main chorus being “Everybody just wants to fall in love”, I personally love this song and am sure there are thousands of people who share my opinion.

I missed Metric first time around when they took to the music scene in 2005 and am so glad that I took the chance to give them a listen this time around as they are simply amazing.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Metric - Band
Emily Haines (Vocals, Synth)
James Shaw (Guitars, Vocals)
Joshua Winstead (Bass, Vocals)
Joules Scott Key (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Sick Muse
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