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Mcfly - Radio:Active Live At WembleyMcfly – Radio:Active Live At Wembley

Now you are probably wondering why this is featured in the CD review section of the site when it is actually a DVD review well that’s because we don’t review DVD’s that often so wouldn’t warrant having a DVD review section on the site and as it is music it fits nicely in the CD review section, honestly. Secondly you are probably wondering why we are reviewing Mcfly and once again that is an simple answer, Mcfly are an alternative music band who deserve respect for sticking to their guns ever since they formed back in 2004.

So ‘Radio:Active Live At Wembley’ was filmed during the bands sold out 2008 tour in support of their at the time new album Radio:Active at one of the shows they played at Wembley Arena, now when you first put the DVD on you are presented with a pretty impressive menu screen with the Mcfly logo, various different TV screens and flames in the background and you have a choice of three options which are play concert, documentary or tracks, now the documentary is there for the hardcore fans it shows the band before, during and after the concert, talking about the show and various different things, it’s a good extra feature and even helps you learn bits and pieces about the band that you might not of known before. Tracks is like your classic DVD option where you can skip through the scenes and choose which song you want to listen to, whilst concert is the main feature.

As soon as you press play concert you are presented with a short introduction from Mcfly with an 1minute countdown explaining on how they have stayed together as a band and how they have been so successful and as soon as the countdown hits zero the band take to the stage and the music starts with Mcfly kicking off straight with the ever so bouncy ‘One for The Radio’, the camera angle pans from the band to crowd many of times during the song and its clear to say that the many thousands of people in Wembley that night were having the times of their lives and that includes Mcfly.

In a way the DVD also acts as a Mcfly greatest hits as all the songs featured on the DVD are fan favourites and the best songs that the band have ever created, songs like ‘Everybody Knows’ gets everybody bouncing along a singing word for word back to Mcfly, whilst ‘Going Through The Motions’ starts with a really impressive drum solo, ‘Obviously’ see’s the band reach for the acoustic guitars and play a slow poppy number to their fans with thousands of sweaty looking teenage girls screaming and chanting “obviously” back to the band.

Most of the main fan favourites are saved until the end of the DVD such as the ever so mellow ‘All About You, and ‘Room On The 3rd Floor’ to the electric six style sound of ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’ which closes the show with a big sing-along from the fans and a pool of glitter falling from the ceiling.

Mcfly certainly know how to put on a good live show, they sound really tight live, but then again they should do as they have been going for the best part of 5 years now, they also have a really big stage show with various different things rotating on stage and they also have a really impressive lighting show and they have a huge crop of songs to back them up as well with 17 songs being featured here, this is the closest I have ever come to checking out Mcfly live but maybe I should head out and see them in June when they play one of their forest shows just down the road from me as the put on an awesome live show.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Mcfly - Band
Tom Fletcher
Danny Jones
Dougie Poynter
Harry Judd
 Track Listing
1. One For The Radio
2. Everybody Knows
3. Going Through The Motions
4. Obviously
5. Transylvania
6. Corrupted
7. P.O.V
8. Falling In Love
9 .Star Girl
10. That Girl
11. Do Ya
12. Black Or White
13. Room On The 3rd Floor
14. All About You
15. The Last Song
16. Lies
17. 5 Colours In Her Hair
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