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P.O.S - Never BetterP.O.S - Never Better

The third offering from Minneapolis rapper P.O.S is a intelligent, comical and political look at society from the eyes of the young artist.

Opening track ‘Let it Rattle’ kicks your stereo in it’s speakers, barely giving it enough time to get back to it’s feet before knocking it down again with its skilful verse, building up to the pounding yet harmonious chorus. Vocally, it could be suggested that P.O.S, born Stefon Alexander, bares similarities to band-of-the-moment Flobots, with their rock inspired ‘Handlebars.’ Discussing topics such as the President and the terrors of conflict, his passion for politics is rift throughout this 15-track offering.

‘DrumRoll’ lives up to it name as it sees the rapper work his magic over a marching band-like drum beat. ‘Savion Glover’ named after the actor and dancer by the same name, brings back the old school beat whilst making references to his childhood. His rock roots are evident as he mentions influential band ‘Fugazi’ whilst his reference to AC Slater from Saved by the Bell allows him to unleash his childlike side.

Pinnacle track ‘Low Light Low Life’ is a perfectly crafted pummelling beat, which echoes rock bands of the past. The added touch of female vocals comes as a surprise but works well as her voice glides and soothes it’s way through the track. The repetitive chorus , ‘heads will roll...low light low life’ will be hard to escape as you’ll find yourself humming it then asking yourself where you’ve picked it up from. This is definitely a speaker to the max song.

Unfortunately, the album refused to be dominated by this success, and slowly disappears into a downwards spiral. ‘The Basics’ lacks the bite of previous tracks, and whilst still offering a catchy beat to rock to, it falls miserably low of my expectations. Likewise ‘Terrorish’ does the same, however the rock chorus acts as it saving grace. But title track ‘Never Better,’ throws in four minutes of skills to finish the album off nicely. Its aggressive style and approach to the song kicks back and simply relaxes as P.O.S is firmly in his comfort zone savagely blurring the lines between what constitutes as a rap song and what his skill can turn a rap song into

This album is one to keep on repeat that is for sure, the mix of what is primarily rap infused with 90’s rock and skilful word play works fantastic.

What is nice about P.O.S is that he genuinely is passionate about the music he makes, the sound he produces and the lyrics he writes. There is no hesitation in this album, and whilst it is not flawless it is full of passion and energy and this should see P.O.S get the credit he deserves.


Review by Darrell Blount
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 Track Listing
1. Let It Rattle
2. Drumroll (We're All Thirsty)
3. Savion Glover
4. Purexed
5. Grave Shovel Let's Go
6. Goodbye
7. Get Smokes
8. Been Afraid
9. Low Light Low Life
10. Basics (Alright)
11. Out of Category
12. Optimist (We Are Not for Them)
13. Terrorish
14. Never Better
15. Brave and the Snake
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