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Fightstar - Be HumanFightstar – Be Human

Fightstar are back with their third album ‘Be Human’ and its pretty damn fantastic, it’s weird to think that Fightstar only came on the scene in 2005 and in that time they have released one EP, three albums, various different singles and have toured with some of the biggest bands in the alternative music industry with some of their biggest shows being on the Kerrang tour in January 2008 and also supporting Feeder later in the year, now that is an impressive history for a band that have only been together for 4 years and with ‘Be Human’ only just being released they have a lot more good times ahead.

Even though Fightstar have now proved that they are a serious rock band and have shook off all those Busted remarks they still tend to work extremely hard and ‘Be Human’ is the biggest sounding album the band have released to date and this time on a label called Search And Destroy which is a label they set up with their management company Raw power Management as Gut records the label they were on previously went into administration at the end of 2008.

As mentioned above I can’t praise ‘Be Human’ enough it is one hell of an Epic sounding album and in places the songs sound that they have come from some major Hollywood blockbuster movies. The album starts with ‘Calling On All Stations’ which starts off with a big orchestra sounding introduction with Charlie’s vocals coming in softly, the song packs a really big sound throughout sounding like some kind of big cinematic style music.

The first song that Fightstar previewed from ‘Be Human’, was ‘The English Way’ when they released it as the first back in November, the song instantly became one of my favourite Fightstar songs and it still is now, the way that the song builds up and features big cinematic orchestra sounds is epic in my eyes and Charlie’s vocals couldn’t sound any better than they do here, the song is about trying to rebuild the broken English society and Fightstar have covered this topic is such an epic way.

Carrying on the big cinematic sound is ‘War Machine’ it starts off sounding like something from an sci-fi movie as a spaceship zooms by then suddenly out of nowhere it morphs in sound and ends up sounding very similar to the music from Saw the movie when all the puzzles are put together, overall ‘War Machine’ is an massive sounding track mainly for its full on cinematic feel but also for the extremely repetitive but lovable vocals of “I'm not a war machine, I'm not a war machine, I'm not a war machine, and now you'll never have to know”, which Charlie sings in such an amazing way.

The current fightstar single ‘Mercury Summer’ makes a good midway point for the album and could easily be the song of the summer as it’s a straight forward light sounding melodic song that has radio friendliness written all over it which would explain why it was released as a single after all.

Each and every song on ‘Be Human’ is different from the last, there are really slow breezy moments such as ‘Give Me The Sky, there are really melodic moments such as ‘Mercury Summer’, really hard hitting moments such as ‘’Damocles’ which has so much anger unleashed, many cinematic moments but overall everything sounds ever so epic.

Fightstar have totally out done themselves this time around, ‘Be Human’ was a huge risk in the way that it was a step in a totally different direction from their previous albums but the change in direction has totally paid off and I can guarantee that ‘Be Human’ will be spinning in my CD player for a long time to come.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Fightstar - Band
Alex Westaway (Vocals, Guitar)
Charlie Simpson (Vocals, Guitar)
Dan Haigh (Bass)
Omar Abidi (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Calling On All Stations
2. The English Way
3. War Machine
4. Never Change
5. Colours Bleed to Red
6. The Whisperer
7. Mercury Summer
8. Give Me The Sky
9. Chemical Blood
10. Tonight We Burn
11. Damocles
12. Follow Me Into The Darkness
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