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Name In Vain are a hard rock band from America they are influenced by the likes of Pantera, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Godsmack and many other great metal and rock and roll bands, Name In Vain are currently in the studio working on their debut full length studio album but in the mean time they are releasing a short 4 track self titled EP to showcase their music across the world.

The debut 4 track EP is actually a work of art, its proper fist pounding metal that has really big and beefy guitar riffs, solid drumming and really brutal and powerful sounding vocals from front man Matt Pelosi who seriously has the perfect set of vocals to suit the band’s music. The opening track ‘Persecuted’ is without a doubt the best track on the album, its hard hitting from start to finish featuring Pantera style guitar riffs and really strong stand out vocals that change from being quite gruff and raw sounding in places to more upbeat and clear in others.

‘Pitbull Wings’ is quite like the opening track with the way that it features some heavy instrumental work, but it’s the vocals that are slightly different here in the way that they come across quite melodic in Matt Pelosi’s own little way, the song goes near silent just after a minute in sounding like another song is starting up but this isn’t the case instead a slow and long instrumental piece takes over until the song returns to its original sound and pace running through until the end.

‘Back Down’ and ‘Crept’ is just as hard hitting as the other two songs on the EP and just as listenable, making the EP a truly good experience, if you like rock music that features big meaty riffs, strong lead vocals and an overall feel of brutal force then you are going to love Name In Vain, the vocals from Matt Pelosi is what does it for me and everything else just falls in place around him and the production is top nothc, I certainly can’t wait for the bands full length debut album and even better, to see the guys tour the UK.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Name In Vain - Band
Mike Pelosi (Vocals)
Bobby Klang (Guitar)
John Heroux (Bass)
Marco Leva (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Persecuted
2. Pitbull Wings
3. Back Down
4. Crept
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