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MC Lars - This Gigantic Robot KillsMC Lars - This Gigantic Robot Kills

I have all the time in the world for MC Lars, the man is extremely cool and full of talent, he has more celebrity friends than your average MySpace scene kid has online friends and you can clearly see that just by seeing how many people guest on his latest album ‘This Gigantic Robot Kills’.

‘This Gigantic Robot Kills’ is the first album MC Lars has released in three years and it also happens to be his 7th full length album and is being released on the 20th April on his Own record label Horris Records which is now twinned with Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup’s new imprint, Crappy Records.

The album opens with ‘Where Ya Been Lars?’, the tracks a slow paced introduction to the album and also an introduction to Lars’s life for the people who don’t know much about him as he drop lines about what he has done in the past and name drops people he has met it sure makes an interesting listen.

The song is followed up with a proper song in the form of the extremely bouncy and melodic ‘True Players For Real, which features Al Yankovic from Wheatus, the song is about how Lars has made it as an artist and is a song about Lars’s life with his rapping about more things he has done such as having ADHD at the age of three, and name checking the NME for saying his single is rubbish, the song is well up beat and one of the best songs on the album.

There are some proper geeky tracks on the album such as ‘Guitar Hero Hero (Beating Guitar Hero Doesn’t Make You Slash)’, the song starts with the authentic guitar hero sounds and then soon after blasts off into a really upbeat fast paced poppy punk chorus about beating Slash and pressing various different buttons on the Guitar Hero controller, there are some really good but geeky lyrics within the song such as “Being Call Of Duty doesn’t mean your aim is good, being Wii gold doesn’t make you Tiger Woods, Beating Apples to Apples doesn’t make you a farmer, watching UFC won’t make you any harder” the lyrics are genius and could only be written by a true geek, isn’t that right Lars? Anyway the song features Perry Gripp of Nerf Herder and also Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big which helps create the up beats feel it has.

The other really geeky track is ‘O.G. Original Gamer’, the song is more like the earlier MC Lars stuff with the way that the song is a full on hip hop track, the song features MC Frontalot and Johnathan Coulton and features the most geekiest lyrics I have ever come across about playing Super Smash Brothers, Doom, Nintendogs, the old NES controller and so much fun, it may be geeky but it’s a whole lot of fun and takes a lot of talent to write lyrics like this.

There are so many good tracks on the album and some of my favourites are ‘It’s Not Easy (Being Green) just for the fact it’s a pure upbeat track with a major infectious chorus and also the album title track ‘This Gigantic Robot Kills’ it’s a pure upbeat ska punk track that features The Suburban Legends and MC Bat Commander of The Aquabats and features some great lyrics of “Back before Gwen Stefani started rapping with Pharrell, Gas cost $1.15, and Goldfinger could sell, Billy was obsessed with third-wave ska, The Mighty Bosstones, Real Big Fish, Less Than Jake, he’s seen them all, He longed for a time when even Bill Clinton played the sax on the White House lawn, and kids wore shades and checkered slacks” and then things get even more upbeat for the melodic chorus of “This gigantic robot kills, he’s gonna come down the block, he’s going to fire at will”.

Now MC Lars has a sound that appeals to wide range of people from Emo’s, Rap fans, Punk fans, Pop fans and even geeks who love computer games, War hammer figures etc, if you have been a fan of MC Lars from the start then you will know how much he has changed over the years but he is currently in his element and at his personal best ‘This Gigantic Robot Kills’ may have been a three year wait but it has been well worth it, I could listen to it all day every day forever and never get bored.

‘This Gigantic Robot Kills’ is a good example of what you can do with a laptop and your own thoughts.


Review by Trigger
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MC Lars - Band
MC Lars (Vocals, Laptop, Electronics)
 Track Listing
1. Where Ya Been Lars?
2. True Player For Real (Featuring "Weird Al" Yankovic And Wheatus)
3. Hipster Girl
4. It's Not Easy (Being Green) (Featuring Pierre Bouvier Of Simple Plan)
5. This Gigantic Robot Kills (Featuring Suburban Legends And The Mc Bat Commander Of The Aquabats)
6. No Logo (Featuring Jesse Dangerously)
7. 35 Laurel Drive
8. Twenty-Three (Featuring Amie Miriello)
9. Guitar Hero Hero (Beating Guitar Hero Does Not Make You Slash) (Featuring Parry Gripp Of Nerf Herder And Paul Gilbert Of Mr. Big)
10. O.G. Original Gamer (Featuring Mc Frontalot And Jonathan Coulton)
11. We Have Arrived (Featuring K.Flay, Ytcracker And The Former Fat Boys)
12. White Kids Aren't Hyphy
13. Hey There Ophelia (Featuring Gabe Saporta Of Cobra Starship And Brett Anderson Of The Donnas)
(Lord It's Hard To Be Happy When You're Not Using) 14. The Metric System
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