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Innerpartysystem - Heart Of FireInnerpartysystem – Heart Of Fire

Innerpartysystem are heading back to the UK during the middle of April to play 10 shows which runs right up until the end of the month, including two shows at the English leg of the Give It A Name Festival. A couple of days after the tour has finished they will also be releasing a new EP titled ‘Heart Of Fire’, technically it’s a new single but is packaged with a few extra songs and remixes which means it has to be titled as an EP.

‘Heart Of Fire’ is a really fast paced electronic dance song that has the odd guitar riff thrown in with its fast paced melodic vocals to give it that dance/rock cross over feel that Innerpartysystem have gone for within their music. The song simply rocks the mix is so big that it has the potential to please the majority of people who like different scenes within the alternative music scene.

The second track on the EP is ‘The Way We Move’ it sounds like a melodic dance floor anthem, it’s got elements of Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Pendulum, within the sound but the vocal style that Innerpartysytem have developed makes them sound so much different from these bands and actually gives them a more loveable feel, the younger generation of music fans will totally dig this as they like things to be catchy as well as being crammed with various different synths and electronic beats and this song has it all.

‘Night Is Alive’ really reminds me of Shiny Toy Guns, the song starts with electronics sounding like someone tapping on a keyboard with various different soundscapes slowly coming in and then Patrick’s fast paced catchy rap style vocals come in taking the song on an thrilling fast paced electronic journey.

‘Heart That Heels’ is quite a toned down song compared to the rest of the songs on the EP, but at the same time it does have some great constant sounding drum beats and tasty guitar riffs, whilst the electronics are quite basic and kept to an minimum.

Overall this new EP by Innerpartysystem is going to become a big hit especially with them releasing it straight after playing some big shows across the UK, their fan base is going to expand and its pretty much guaranteed that their next shows over hear will be at bigger venues or at some of the major festivals.

Innerpartysystem are a fun band and for people thinking they are too much like The Prodigy and Pendulum you really need to give them a bigger listen as yes they share elements but are really not much alike at all.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Innerpartysystem - Band
Patrick (vocals)
Kris (Guitar, Synth, Vocals)
Jared (drums, Vocals)
Jesse (Synth, Samples, Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Hearts Of Fire
2. The Way We Move
3. Night Is Alive
4. Heart That Heals
5. Lover's Dancing
6. Lover's Dancing (Remix)
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