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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - ZeroYeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back on the scene, they have just released their new album ‘It’s Blitz!’ and they are now ready to release the first single from the album in the form of ‘Zero’ which is out on the 13th April.

‘Zero’ is a electronic poppy dance-floor anthem style song, the song sounds like some of the new wave of music that you would of heard on the last series of Skins but done in a more professional top notch way, the song starts off with an electric buzz with Karen O’s vocals sounding really softly spoken, the song soon comes to life as Karen’s vocals become more upbeat and the electric buzz changes to a more in your face dance beat that sounds better and better the longer the song runs for, towards the end of the song everything is really upbeat creating the filling of a proper club dance floor filler.

The b-side to the single is a remix to ‘Zero’ done by Mstrkrft, it makes for an interesting listen and like remixes are its quite a lot different to the original version of the song, it’s well worth an listen but not something that you will come back to that often.

Over the years the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have changed their slightly with each album release but they have never lost their popularity in fact with each release they seem to become more and more popular, and with how the music scene is now with all the scene kids loving synths and electronics in their music, 2009 could be the biggest year so far for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


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1. Zero
2. Zero (Remix)
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