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War From A Harlots Mouth - In ShoalsWar From A Harlots Mouth - In Shoals

War From A Harlots Mouth are a metal band from Belin, Germany, with there 2nd album, according to the band "'In Shoals' has a strong political approach and tells a lot about how we feel about the state of today's world".

The album starts with They Come In Shoals, kicking off aggressively and with pace that gets punkish at times, with some screaming vocals, the album at times sounds like slipknot, without the memorable tracks or the organized 9 man chaos.

Justice From The Lips Of The Highest Bidder, seems to be a jazz like instrumental and giving the listener some reprieve from the previous 4 track onslaught seems almost out of place, after the reprieve, its more of the same, the onslaught is continuous and the continuity is lacking and at times gets difficult to listen to as it isn't really conventional in style. The album ends with a 8 and a half minute epic, which seems to take its time, slowing the pace right down after a quick start, with vocals that seem to be screamed from a the listener is getting away from the singer, which is a truth of sorts as the album closes out.

This is not an easy listen as the album is brutal and bleak, a sign of the times maybe?.This album will be released on April 27th in Europe and April 28th in the US via Lifeforce Records


Review by Rob Lawrence
 Band Members
Ar From A Harlots Mouth - Band
Nico (Vocals)
Simon (Guitar)
Daniel (Guitar)
Flip (Bass)
Paule (Drums)
 Track Listing

1. They Come In Shoals
2. No High Five For C.oward
3. Briefing Security Werewolves On Red Alert
4. Crooks At Your Door
5. Justice From The Lips Of The 6. Highest Bidder
7. Copyriot
8. The Certain Nothing
9. Appropriate Tools Required To Intercept And Obstruct Errorism
10. What Happens In The District... (Paper Agents)
11. ...Stays In The District (Im The Black Sheep Of Her Country)
12. Scully

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