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Nightvision - As The Lights Go DownNightvision - As The Lights Go Down

Nightvision are a hard rock quartet from the UK with there debut album As The Lights Go Down on the Rocksector Records label.

The album kicks off with a solid start, with a great riff that sounds slightly that it should have come from Metallica. it gets the head nodding and foot tapping almost immediately. The following tracks while not as good as the opening track with something Better starting with a bass riff, still keep you listening and attentive, Mine All Mine delivers with more great riffs from Neil "bolda" Wallis and some high pitch singing from Dave Mckee. Taking it down a notch or two with Sentenced To The Gallows, focusing early on with lyrics and then the band kicks in but it’s more of a down beat affair after the upbeat opening tracks. This album has great riffs at every turn, everyone is very catchy and memorable and is supported with good solid drumming and bass from Daryl & Dean Hocking. With the right support this band could make it big, these boys from the UK are definitely on the right track and are off with a flying start with this debut effort.

Catch this band on tour in April & May and pick up this good album on the 6th of April.


Review by Robert Lawrence
 Band Members
Nightvision - Band
Dave Mckee (vocals)
Neil Wallis (guitar, vocals)
Dean Hocking (bass, vocals)
Daryl Hocking (drums, vocals)
 Track Listing
After 1. Dark
2. Sick and Tired
3. Something Better
4. Mine All Mine
5. Love Ain't Cheap
6. Sentenced To The Gallows
7. Nightmare
8. Enough Of You
9. Demons
10. King For A Day
11. Carnival
12. Promiscuity
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