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Worst Off - Burning BridgesWorst Off – Burning Bridges

Fast paced punk rock has always been a favourite of mine, you just can’t beat those fast paced punk style guitar riffs, bouncy bass lines and fast flowing melodic vocals with big shouty backing vocals, in my eyes that’s what punk rock is all about and no matter how many new bands come out caring more about image and including as much electronics and synths into their there will always be bands who stick to the basics and stick to the straight forward punk rock formula and rock out because they love to rock out and Washington based punks Worst Off are one of those solid sounding bands who combine metal style riffs with the punk rock flow and vocals.

The band’s latest three track EP is called ‘Burning Bridges’ and it is crammed with 3 fast as fuck kick arse tracks that you will find yourself listening to on repeat to get the most out of the awesome sound these guys have created within the tracks.

The opening track of the EP is ‘Beauty Of Flaw’, and the band start as they mean to go on with a really powerful set of fast and furious guitar riffs, Drew’s vocals soon come in and take you on a hundred mile per hour journey as his fast melodic vocal style draws you in, the shouty backing vocals really add variety to the song and works well alongside the more melodic vocals of Drew, the overall pace and feel of the song can’t be faulted, it will leave you either tapping along or bouncing off your walls depending on how you react to a fast catchy tune, this is how melodic punk rock should be.

The instrumental opening of ‘Fleeting Distance’ reminds me of one of the more mellow songs that Blink 182 did back in the day, this runs for about a minute and then DJ has a battle with his drum kit creating a big constant drum beat before the dual guitar assault comes in full of speed and rhythm, this song is more about how good the band are instrumentally as it takes well over 2minutes for the vocals to come in, but that doesn’t matter as instrumental Worst Off are very strong, I would be happy listening to a full length instrumental track by these guys and I doubt that I would get bored. Anyway when the vocals come in the song takes a slight Bad Religion, Pennywise route and believe me it’s well worth a listen, once the infectious chorus is in your head it will take you days to shake it off, not that you would want to anyway.

The final track on the EP is ‘How Far’, the guitar work here is by far the best out of all the song songs on the EP, in fact it is so good it might just make you piss your pants with excitement, the riffs have Guitar Hero written all over them.

You may not of heard of Worst Off until now, but seriously these guys are a band that you need in your life, they can’t be faulted at all, everything from the instrumental work to the vocals is top stuff, It’s now time for you to wash off your spray on jeans, give your sister her eyeliner back and get your hair cut back into shape and rock out with a true punk rock band.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Worst Off - Band
Drew (Vocals, Guitar)
Jimmy (Guitar)
Jeremy (Bass)
DJ (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Beauty Of Flaw
2. Fleeting Distance
3. How Far
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