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Papa Roach - Hollywood WhorePapa Roach – Hollywood Whore

Back in year 2000 everyone was loving nu-metal and bands like Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Slipknot were the big bands in the music scene, Papa Roach had just released their ‘Infest’ album which was really helped to go far on the back of their stunning ‘Last Resort’ single which really helped Papa Roach make a name for themselves, nine years on and they are still going, it has been a struggle for them with their last couple of albums not going far but Papa Roach are now back with a whole new feel.

For starters drummer Dave Buckner left the band towards the end of 2007 so Papa Roach now have new line up which features ex-Unwritten Law drummer Tony Palermo as Dave Buckner’s replacement, the band also seem to be going with the in scene and shedding a few pounds each, not that any of the members were ever fat but now they are beyond skinny and supporting their newly grown emo hair cuts.

Music wise Papa Roach are back with a new album ‘Metamorphosis’ which is due for release on the 23rd March but in the meantime they are releasing their new single ‘Hollywood Whore’ on the 2nd March and the song is quite a sterling release.

‘Hollywood Whore’ is nothing like Papa Roach back in the day so don’t start thinking ‘Last Resort’, ‘Broken Home’, Time And Time Again’, instead think more back to the material on their last album ‘The Paramour Sessions’, mix the sound of the music up with the early material from Hundred Reasons then you will be close to what ‘Hollywood Whore ‘ sounds like, it’s quite a melodic song, it features Jacoby Shaddix both singing along as well as screaming and talking along like a mad man, this is proper rock and roll with a raw punk rock edge.

Papa Roach are never going to reach the heights of their success in 2001 ever again but with releases as strong as ‘Hollywood Whore’ they won’t be fading out of the music scene in a hurry, they have a lasting appeal and many people will dig their new material as what I have heard so far it’s not bad.


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 Band Members
Papa Roach - Band
Jacoby Shaddix (Vocals)
Jerry Horton (Guitar)
Tobin Esperance (Bass)
Tony Palermo (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Hollywood Whore
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