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Out Of Dight - Something Created By BeliefOut Of Sight - Something Created By Belief EP

Out Of Sight are a four-piece from Buckinghamshire and formed back in 2005. 'Something Created By Belief' is the bands debut release, which is coming out on Scylla Records. When I first got this cd I was a little put off listening to it as it came with some hand drawn pictures on the cd and no track listing but after finally putting the cd on and listening to it a few times I have realised the old saying is right, “never judge a book, or should I say cd by its cover”, as Out Of Sight are a great band as this ep demonstrates.

As soon as the first track on the album starts up you notice two things, first of all, the band are a catchy pop punk band and secondly, the production sounds top stuff. Track 2, 'Amongst The Saints, We March!' sounds like a pretty huge punk pop song as well and the vocals are fast and catchy.

The EP finishes with 'The End', which is another huge pop-punk song, which is jam-packed with great melody and one of the best choruses on the ep.

Out Of Sight have come along at the right time to help save the slowly sinking UK punk scene. And with an ep full of summer anthems you seriously cant go wrong with this band, buying 'Something Created By Belief' will be the best £6 you have spent for a while.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Out Of Sight - Band
Jake Robbins (Vocals/Guitar)
Ben Husted (Guitar/Vocals/)
Sean Mohoney (Bass/Vocals)
Ted Wakefield
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