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New Found Glory - Won't Go Down Without A Fight.New Found Glory – Won’t Go Down Without A Fight

New Found Glory are one of the most hard working bands of the past ten years, in that time they have released 8 studio albums, yeah a couple are full of cover songs from different movies but it’s still a full length album that the boys of new Found Glory have worked hard on, they have also released a number of EP’s and split CD’s yet they are still not headlining arenas across the world like they should be, they should be right up there with bands like Green Day and Blink 182 but for some reason the New Found Glory fan base has always remained the same and they are forever playing the Academy sized venues across the UK rather than the arenas I truly think they deserve to be selling out and in my opinion New Found Glory are very under rated.

The band are now signed to Epitaph Records, which happens to be one of the best labels around for punk rock, who seem to be signing some very good bands at the moment. Anyway the label are releasing the New album from New Found Glory called ‘Won’t Go Down Without A Fight’ on the 9th March, the album has been produced by the one and only Mark Hoppus and has been mixed by Neil Avron.

‘Won’t Go Down Without A Fight’ keeps to the same formula that New found Glory have been going by for their whole career, its proper fists in the air sing-along poppy punk that’s crammed full of catchy hooks and well written witty lyrics.

The album starts with ‘Right Where we Left Off’ which in all fairness does pick up from where New Found Glory left off just like each and every one of their album’s does, the song is as bouncy as any other New Found glory song that you can think of and so is the chorus as catchy and sing-along as you have come to expect from New Found Glory now.

‘Don’t Let Her Pull You Down’ is another pure poppy-punk song that is crammed full of sing-along moments, group vocals, bouncy basslines and foot stomping, head bopping guitar riffs that are bound to blow you away.

‘Listen To your Friends’ is the first new song that New Found Glory previewed off this album on their MySpace and the song was instantly a fan favourite and it’s easy to see why just by listening to the pace of the song, it flows so smoothly and builds up to become a really fast paced melodic 3minute ride that you will never forget.

The opening of ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ is another moment that I can’t see you forgetting in a hurry, the instrumental work is amazing and full of hooks, and once again group vocals that kick arse.

The album finishes with ‘Don’t Let This Be The End’, and the song is actually one of the slowest songs on the album, not that any of the songs on the album are slow, but this song doesn’t came charging straight at you with a forceful speed like the other songs on the album, however the song quickly turns into a sing-along affair right at the end with its group vocals.

There are 12 songs on the album and they are all powerful poppy-punk songs, and all I can think is that it must get harder for New Found Glory to pick a set list these days as the longer the band go on the more songs they have and the better their songs get, ‘Not Without A Fight’ is right up there as one of the best albums New Found Glory have released.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
New Found Glory - Band
Jordan Pundik (Vocals)
Chad Gilbert (Lead Guitar)
Steve Klein (Rhythm Guitar)
Ian Grushka (Bass)
Cyrus Bolooki (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Right Where We Left Off
2. Don't Let Her Pull You Down
3. Listen To Your Friends
4. 47
5. Truck Stop Blues
6. Tangled Up
7. I'll Never Love Again
8. Reasons
9. Such A Mess
10. Heartless At Best
11. This Isn't You
12. Don't Let This Be The End
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