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Whisper In The Riot  - Whisper In The RiotWhisper In The Riot – Whisper In The Riot

Whisper In The Riot are a band who formed back in 2006 but it was actually during 2007 that the band went through a slight line up change and started to get serious about the band and being in the music industry, ever since this they have been working hard trying to make an name for themselves, and they are currently dominating the underground metal scene.

The band have just released their self titled new EP which features just 4 tracks and the tracks are of an high quality with the EP running for just under 20minutes.

If you want to listen to an new band that is loud, heavy, unpredictable and have an singer with a really distinctive voice then Whisper In The Riot might be the band that you have been looking for, the opening track ‘Just A Lie’ opens the EP in style with a minute long soundscape style introduction before the guitars come in blasting at you at 100 miles per hour with Charlie’s very distinctive vocals coming in seconds later, Charlie does well here with his lead vocals and Andy adds variety to the song with his short shout and scream backing vocals.

‘The Spoiler’ starts off with a mix of big arse drum rolls and meaty electronic sounding guitar riffs, Charlie’s vocals come in sounding quite soft, but when the song really gets going in the middle things get turned up a notch or two in sound with marching band style drum beats, thick as fuck guitar riffs and really heavy screams and growls really helping to bring the song to life.

The most melodic and catchy song on the EP is ‘Wolface’ it has one of those beautiful not so heavy sing along chorus in the style of the kind of choruses that Killswitch Engage are forever knocking out, ok its not as good as Killswitch Engage but it’s a proper good effort and makes for a real listenable classic song, with bouncy basslines coming and going throughout.

The heaviest song on the EP is the last track ‘Culling the Herd’ just check out the screams and instrumental work towards the middle of the song, it all proper kicks off about 1minute and 40 seconds into the song and is bloody amazing.

The only downside of the EP that I can see is the production, it doesn’t sound that professionally made, it sounds very tinny in places and certain things sound louder than others which makes the overall songs sound unfinished, but if you do your best to ignore this hitch then you will find Whisper In The Riot a really enjoyable band, they certainly have some good ideas and bring something fresh and exciting to the metal scene.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Whisper The Riot
Charlie (Vocals)
Sonny (Guitar)
Andy (Guitar, Vocals)
Lee (Bass)
Sam (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Just a Lie
2. The Spoiler
3. Wolface
4. Culling The Herd
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