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Wednesday 13 - BloodworkWednesday 13 – Bloodwork

Wednesday 13 seems to be a pretty hard working man these days, he release his third full length studio solo album ‘Skeletons’ back in May 2008 and since then he has toured the world over many times with at least two tours in the UK in that time and a third one coming up very soon. He has also released a live cd/dvd combo release which was titled ‘Fuck It, We’ll Do It Live’ and now he is about to release a limited edition EP called ‘Bloodwork’ which kind of seems like a bit of cash in to me.

‘Bloodwork’ is an EP that features just six tracks, two of the songs are previously unreleased one being a cover of Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, Running Down A Dream and the other being a re-recording of a song by Wednesday 13’s former band the Frankenstein Drag Queens From planet13 and that song happens to be ‘I Love To Say Fuck’, also featured on the EP is a couple of acoustic recordings of songs that featured on Wednesday’s last studio album ‘Skeletons’ as well as a couple of songs that people have heard many times before.

Let’s start with the new songs then, ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream’ it’s actually a pretty decent cover version and is bound to go down well live with the masses of Wednesday 13 fans, the song features some great guitar riffs and even better guitar solo’s . ‘I Love To Say Fuck’ isn’t really a new song as everyone has heard the song 1000’s of times as to be fair it wouldn’t be a Wednesday 13 show if he didn’t play this song live every show, the recording is really no different than any of the previous recordings of the song with Wednesday’s other bands, however the song is fun and will also go down as one of the great classic Wednesday 13 tracks.

The acoustic tracks ‘My Demise B.C’ and ‘Skeletons A.D’ are the highlight points of the EP to me as I have a weakness for acoustic music and enjoy it even more when I have heard the full electronic version of the song before and this is the case with these songs from Wednesday 13 it shows his true musical skills as he is there strumming his acoustic guitar whilst singing his heart out, I have to say Wednesday doesn’t have the best of singing voices and you can clearly tell that within his acoustic stuff but he has a distinctive voice and that’s what I love about the man. ‘Skeletons A.D’ is the better of the two acoustic tracks as it has a darker feel and approach about it.

‘Bloodwork’ is going to be Wednesday 13’s last solo release for a while and I find it a shame that he is going out on such a weak release he should of let his live cd/dvd combo release be his last release for now and go out on an high, as I feel ‘Bloodwork’ is a bit of a worthless money making release as it doesn’t really offer much different to the fans.


Review by Trigger
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Wednesday 13 - Band
Wednesday 13 (vocals, guitar)
 Track Listing
1. B-Movie Babylon
2. Return Of The Living Dead
3. Runnin Down a Dream
4. I Love To Say F**k
5. My Demise B.C.
6. Skeletons A.D.
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