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VETO  Built To Fail VETO – Built To Fail

Veto are an exciting danish electro indie group who seem to take every sound from the recent years indie/electro scene, and roll it into one single, which is definitely worth getting hold of. That said, despite sounding like lots of current bands, they've been around for nearly five years, suggesting they started out when Klaxons were barely out of nappies. Death From Above with synths, and a little more socially acceptable structure.

But I love it, it's prime time. The synth lines are packed with low end and the texture just sounds so thick and filthy, and the Klaxons-esque chorus floats above. Buy it.

The single also comes with two bonus remixes. The Tomboy Remix is a minimal techno take on the song, and everyone knows what minimal techno sounds like. And James Braum's Remix has been slowed down, with some wonky synth lines and wob-wob basses. Not a touch on the original, but still a treat. Get involved, get heavily involved.


Review by Thom
 Band Members

Troels Abrahamsen
David Krogh Andersen
Mark Lee
Jens Skov Thomsen
Mads Hasager
 Track Listing
1. Built To Fail
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