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The Wow Signal  Infinity's LobbyThe Wow Signal – Infinity's Lobby

The Wow Signal are a British four-piece who offer us some modern rocking blended with a partially nostalgic vocal.

Musically, it's got bags of oomph and really rocks you to the core. Vocally, a Bowie influenced fluctuating singer who almost seems a little out of place in many of the tracks, or at least, not doing the backing justice; reference to “Lovers Scum” there, which is just bursting with potential. However, now and again, and on “Debunked” for example, it works quite well. The rough attachment to melody compliments the rough grungy tones elsewhere.

As an album, as a sound, as a group. I'm not convinced. Just when something is really beginning to niggle at you, you'll stumble across a riff, or a chorus of utter genius. But the consistency isn't there. Certainly not bad though. A generally clean rock sound, with hard-hitting pacey numbers as well as the mandatory slow ones. The solos don't attempt anything new, they're classic, deliberate, and well placed, much like a May or Clapton.

Maybe it's a grower, we'll have to wait and see. Certainly worth a sample though.


Review by Thom
 Band Members

Andrew Mangold (Vocals, Guitar)
Paolo Kralj (Guitar)
Dima (Bass)
Darren Lee (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Purr Right
2. Infinity's Lobby
3. The Other Half of Myself
4. Debunked
5. Silbury Street
6. Lovers Scam
7. Still Hunting
8. They Got it Wrong
9. The Little Things in Life
10. All You Will Discover
11. Picture of You
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