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Polar Bear Club - Sometimes Things Just DisappearPolar Bear Club – Sometimes Things Just Disappear

Bridge Nine records have started 2009 pretty well and unveiled a few new signings to their label, the latest singing that is the New York based band Polar Bear Club.

Polar Bear Club formed in 2005 and then went on to release their debut EP ‘The Redder The Better’ before heading off to the studio again to record their debut full length album ‘Sometimes Things Just Disappear’ which was released on Red Leader Records back in 2008 which helped the band become one of the most talked about new bands in American during that time.

Now Bridge Nine Records have signed the band they are currently working on their debut album for the label but in the meantime are re-releasing ‘Sometimes Things Just Disappear’ on Bridge Nine Records which should help build their profile more having it released on a well known and loved label.

The best way to describe Polar Bear Club if you are yet to come across them is Hot Water Music mixed with Rise Against minus the political themes; they are fun and exciting and have a solid sounding album under their belts.

‘Sometimes Things Just Disappear’ is totally a five star album, everything about this album rocks and I can’t find a negative thing to say about it. You will be excited from the moment you hear the Tim Mcllrath Rise Against style vocals open up the album on ‘Eat Dinner, Bury The Dog’ right through until the last beat of the closing track ‘Convinced I’m Wrong’

Every song on the album is really listenable but every album has a few tracks that stand out more than the rest and for me those tracks have to be the opening track ‘Eat Dinner, Bury The Dog, And run’ and ‘Heart Attack At Thirty‘. Not only is the first track greatly named but it’s actually a masterpiece with the way that it starts off slow then the song lights up with a mixture of melodic and gruff sounding vocals singing very witty well written lyrics. The later of the two tracks stands out just for the fact that it is a really fast paced punk song that’s full of bouncy bass lines and melodic sing-along moments with you will never forget.

Even know ‘Sometimes Things Just Disappear’ is a re-release it happens to be my favourite album to be released on Bridge Nine Records since they released the New Found Glory and International Superstars Of Hardcore split album last year, I love Polar Bear Club and can’t wait for their forthcoming studio album.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Polar Bear Club - Band
Jimmy Stadt
Baby Goose
Nate Morris
Emmett Menke
Chris Browne
 Track Listing
1. Eat Dinner, Bury The Dog And Run
2. Hollow Place
3. The Bug Parade
4. Another Night In The Rock
5. Burned Out In A Jar
6. As 'Twere The Mirror
7. Tried
8. Our Ballads
9. Heart Attack At Thirty
10. Convinced I'm Wrong
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