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Mastodon - DivinationsMastodon – Divinations

Mastodon the gods of technical no ruled rock and roll are back they have announced a new album called ‘Crack The Skye’ which is due for release some time in the Spring of 2009 but for the people who can’t wait that long for new material from them, they have just announced and released a new single from their forthcoming album and that single is ‘Divinations’ and I have to say it’s a cracking song.

As said above ‘Divinations’ is a stunning song, it has so much going on and sounds pretty damn random throughout, Mastodon are the kind of band who don’t like to stay to the same formula and really like to stir things up by trying everything new and odd and they is exactly what they have done here. ‘Divinations’ opening riff is played on banjo, it kind of reminds me of that nasty scene from the film ‘Deliverance’ but I think that is the sound of a banjo in general which has that effect on myself and many others. Anyway a few seconds into the song the guitar and bass smash into play with mammoth sounding riffs and the drumming come sin like a man on a mission, the chorus of the song is quite a catchy solid rock chorus with Brent Hinds using his more singing style than his scream his bollocks off style, the guitar riff towards the end of the song is mouth watering and one of the strongest riffs I have heard from a band in a long time.

I remember a few years ago when Mastodon played a really small club venue in Swindon called The Furnace, the venue fitted 200 people in if you were lucky and the band had the smallest dressing room ever situated at the back of the venue where they have to walk through all the fans to get to it, now look at them they have toured with most of the major rock bands in the world today and are ready to release their much anticipated forth studio album, it shows that hard work does pay off.


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 Band Members
Mastodon - Band
Brann Dailor (Drums)
Brent Hinds (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Bill Kelliher (Guitar, Vocals)
Troy Sanders (Bass, Lead Vocals)
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1. Divinations
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