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Famous - All The WickedFamous – All The Wicked

I have just come across Famous, despite their debut album ‘All The Wicked’ being released back in 2005 on Burning Records, the album features 9 tracks and is such a strong sounding album with all 9 tracks being really listenable, you can clearly tell that these guys are influenced by your general rock bands like Seether, Staind, Finger Eleven and even Nickleback as their music is so similar in so many different ways.

The album starts off with ‘Black Hole’, and wow what a start it is, the song runs well into the 6minute mark and its packed with everything that makes a good rock song, it has a nice long instrumental introduction which sounds like something that could of been lifted from a Coheed And Cambria song and then the meaty sounding guitar riffs slowly come in and then build up to a really bouncy hooky song, then front man Ben Phillips vocals come and he seriously has a great set of vocals , they are strong, rocking and pretty damn melodic when he wants to be, towards the end of the song there is an immense guitar solo which I am sure the bands fans have their fingers crossed hoping the song will make it onto guitar hero one day as it has guitar hero written all over it.

The album title track ‘All The Wicked’ is another huge sounding song, front man Ben Phillips vocals shine throughout the whole song, he has a great set of vocals and can change his vocal style slightly like he does throughout the song the add a bit of variety and extra excitement to the band’s sound.

During the chorus of ‘Today I’m Gonna Kill The World’, you start to feel that Kurt Cobain is back from the dead, as Ben Phillips vocals go down the Kurt Cobain grunge route, overall the song is another really strong sounding rock and roll track.

The most different sounding song on the album is ‘Take Me Out’ the song has a real radio friendly feel about it, it’s extremely catchy, very bouncy and Ben Phillips lets his hair down a bit as he goes on an extremely infectious journey with his vocals, in fact you would be forgiven for thinking it was a totally different band playing this song as it’s so different from anything else on the album, if anything is going to get these guys air play and a bigger fan base then this song has the most potential.

It’s not all about being catchy and rocking out for famous as you can tell when you listen to the last track on the album ‘Give Me Your Soul’ it’s a really slow paced acoustic track, that doesn’t have much variety all the way through but doesn’t disappoint at the same time.

‘All The Wicked’ is defiantly a 5 star rating album, it’s got everything that a classic rock album should have it may be 4 years old now but you wouldn’t think that by the high quality of the songs on there. Famous are currently working on new material and I have managed to check out three of their new songs and have to say I can’t wait for the album as the songs are more of the same formula but sound more polished and more stadium rock than before especially during ‘Going To A Funeral’.

If you are into your true rock bands, you know the bands classed as rock instead of all this sub genre stuff that’s about these days with people saying they are metal core/punk or whatever then you will really love famous, they sound as good as all the major American straight up rock bands the only difference is they don’t have the same big following as other bands, but hopefully that will change when people catch onto them.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Ben Phillips (Guitar, vocals)
Mark Damon (Bass Vocals)
Jamie Perkins (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Black Hole
2. All The Wicked
3. Today I'm Gonna Kill The World
4. Heaven Will Come
5. Waiting In Hell
6. Take Me Out
7. What She Doesn't Know
8. Only 15
9. Give Me Your Soul
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