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Pride Tiger  The Lucky OnesPride Tiger – The Lucky Ones

It's time for some Canadian rock, whether that sounds appealing to you or not.

The opening track, and single, “Let 'Em Go,” rocks. Hard. Really hard in fact. Take the Black Velvets, Kula Shaker, and The Datsuns, and roll them into one super band. There you'll be close

“Fill Me In” just bleeds Thin Lizzy. “The Boys Are Back In Town,” anyone? It's practically the same song, with an even cheesier chorus. That's not right, is it. Skipped.

In fact, and unfortunately, it all sounds the same, bar one acoustic minute. This pacey rock which draws so much from classic rock but adds on a couple of modification, which results in a strange combination that doesn't work for me. They're got clear ability and such, but I'm finding it impossible to get into it. None of it is memorable, it just goes on and on, sound after song, sounding like Thin Lizzy and not really inspiring much besides leaving the room.

There should definitely be more to say about this album, but I just can't.


Review by Thom
 Band Members

Sunny Dhak (Guitar)
Matt Wood (Vocals, Drums)
Bob Froese (Guitar, Keys, Backup vocals)
Aaron McHattie (Bass, Backup vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Let'em Go
2. What It Is
3. Fill Me In
4. A Long Way Down
5. The White Witch Woman Blues
6. The Lucky Ones
7. It's Only You
8. No Ones Listening
9. Sweet Dreams
10. Forget Everything
11. A New Jones
12. 56 Days
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